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Here’s a FULL GALLERY of the sexiest of the #SexyBaristas, Gabby! She’s melting hearts at the Baristas Coffee Co. In Tempe, AZ, so you should pop in! If you do, tell her you saw this post and I’ll bet she’ll pose for a shot that you could submit to this site… 

She is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! At this point in the post, most dudes would tell her that they would do “bad things” to her. Gabby, if you’re reading this, I PROMISE, sincerely, that I would take you out for an excellent meal and bring you flowers… and do bad things to you. ;) #RealTalk

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Here’s the SEXIEST of the #SexyBaristas, Gabby! She’s been added as an admin on the Sexy Baristas Facebook page and will be posting pics there in the future! Here’s the deal… I’m thinking of posting a full gallery of her here, on the Tumblr, rather than just throwing stuff on the Facebook. If you would like to see a full gallery of the lovely Gabby, re-blog this post! If this post gets up to 100 notes by Friday, I’ll post the full gallery! Show her some Tumblove!

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